9 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Hi! Is there any way to buy the Hero-Glyphics: Hyrule History as a poster? It looks really good!

  2. Thanks! I’ll have it up on redbubble and teepublic asap! Recently it was removed from society 6. Follow me on instagram for updates! @joshln

  3. Me too! They were removed from spoonflower for IP reasons. Still looking for another alternative. Thanks!

  4. Where can I find your amazing Star Wars floral print on bed sheets or a trow blanket?

  5. I would love it if your Classic Jurassic design was available as a Hawaiian shirt, would that be possible at all?

  6. Unfortunately the fabric supplier I was using decided to pull the design. I’m currently looking for an outlet for it, possibly through the proper channels and getting it officially licensed.

  7. Hello, Currently the licensing contract does not include blanket, clothing, and tech cases. But it’s possible that it could become available in the future. thanks!

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